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Galleries with high quality pictures of our beautiful VelvetLovers™ Girls
Download videos of our VelvetLovers™ Girls in 1080p quality
Model Outfits
Do you like a particular outfit? Most of the outfits used by our VelvetLovers™ Girls will be available for sale via eBay. Our seller ID is: velvetlovers


Here is a preview of what is to come!


We are looking for VelvetLovers™ Girls for still and video shoots. Are you ready to show yourself in a new, sensual way - the VelvetLovers™ way?
Do you know a great location for our VelvetLovers™ photo and video shoots? Penthouse, Castle, Old House .... Please tell us about it!
Do you have a great idea for our VelvetLovers™ Girls you would like to see in motion or still? Please tell us about it!

About VelvetLovers™

We at VelvetLovers™ want to provide a whole new experience for people who love the amazing fabric of velvet. At the core will be our beautiful VelvetLovers™ Girls. We will show them in various ways. As glamour girls fully clothed but also in a more sensual and erotic way where they show how velvet adorns their bodies. They will be featured on photos and videos. There will almost always be velvet involved. Occasionally we will show some variety by using some other great materials like leather and silk. The outfits used rank from vintage to leading top designers.

Smooth and soft like velvet – this is the way we envision our relationship with our VelvetLovers™ Girls. You only do and show what you are comfortable with. We will provide the outfits. You can expect the utmost respect and a lot of fun.

VelvetLovers™ is a registered trademark by Black Velvet Corp.

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